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NYC Department of Buildings Consulting Services
PBC can assist you in every phase of the permitting process, from researching existing legal conditions and preparing zoning development studies, to preparing and filing Building Department applications, obtaining plan approvals, Work Permits, and sign-offs including Certificates of Occupancy.

Expediting Services

  • Building Department Research & Consultation
  • Plan Approvals, Permits & Sign-offs
  • New Buildings, Major Alterations,
    Apartment Combinations & Interior Renovations
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Violation Search & Dismissal
  • Filing Mandated Inspection Reports
    (Facades, Boilers, etc.)
  • Landmarks Preservation Commission
  • Specializing in Manhattan and Booklyn

Zoning & Building Code Consulting

  • NYC Zoning Resolution
  • NYC Administrative Building Code
  • NYS Multiple Dwelling Law
  • Development & Feasibility Studies

P a r a g o n   B u i l d i n g  C o n s u l t a n t s  L L C

15 Maiden Lane
Suite 1107
New York, NY  10038
Tel  (212) 571-7500
Fax (212) 571-3893